Terms of Use: Clear Guidelines for Our Essayswriter Services

Welcome to Essayswriter.ai! 

Please review the Terms of Use carefully. These terms include information about your legal rights and obligations while using our service. Consider a binding legal agreement between Essayswriter.ai (hereafter referred to as “service”, “we,” “our,” “us,” and “Company”) and the user (hereafter referred to as “you,” “user,” “users”). Continued use of our tools on any platform such as media channel, mobile application, or website (hereby referred to as “services”) means that you agree to the terms and will abide by them.

The terms have been designed keeping U.S. laws in mind. If you use our services from another country, you might be subject to additional region-specific terms. In case of any dispute, these region-specific terms take precedence over this agreement.

  1. User Registration

Registration on our website is compulsory to use our services. You must provide complete details in order to register on our website. This includes sharing details like your name, email ID, and contact details. Users registering on our website must keep their account details confidential. Please note that you are responsible for all actions under your account. If any other individual is handling your account, they must be aware of the Terms of Use. If you are using the account for another individual, you must have the authority to accept the terms on their behalf. In case we find your username is offensive, inappropriate, or obscene, we reserve the right to modify your username or delete the account.

  1. Minimum Age

Users must be at least 13 years old in the U.S. to use our services. If you are a minor, according to the definition of the term in the U.S., you must obtain the permission of your parent or legal guardian to use any of our tools.

  1. Use of Our Services

The user is solely responsible for all the actions conducted under their account. You may access and use our tools as long as you comply with the terms of use highlighted here. 

Restrictions to follow: 

  • You cannot use our services to infringe on or violate someone else’s copyright.
  • We do not allow the modification, sale, lease, or distribution of our services.
  • You cannot claim that the output you receive is human-generated.
  • You cannot use our output to develop AI models.
  • You must not try to or attempt to assist anyone in discovering our source code or reverse engineer components of our services, systems, or algorithms.
  • Our policies do not allow users to bypass restrictions or any protective measures that are in place using third-party services.
  • You are not allowed to use our output or services for illegal or unauthorized purposes.
  1. Content Ownership

The Content that you input into our services (hereby termed “Input”) and the Content that our tools generate (hereby termed “Output”) are collectively termed “Content.” The user retains the right to Input and Output. It is your responsibility to ensure that this Content does not violate any of our terms.

Content Similarity: The use of artificial intelligence does not guarantee that every output generated on the same topic will be similar. Our uniqueness guarantee does not extend to Content generated by other users or any third-party service.

Agreeing to use our services means you grant permission for us to use your Content for the maintenance, development, and improvement of our services. This includes the following actions – 

  • Developing new features for our tools
  • Improving or troubleshooting our products
  • Customizing the tools for a better user experience
  • Analyzing tool patterns to avoid misuse
  • Using information shared by you to market our products
  1. Account Termination

We reserve the right to terminate your account under the following conditions:

  • You have breached a term as stated in our Terms of Use.
  • You use our tools in a manner that brings harm to Essayswriter.ai or other users.

Before account termination, you will have ample time to rectify the issue that has flagged your account. We will send an email notifying you of the same. You will receive a deadline for the rectification. Failing to do so will result in your account being terminated.

We reserve the right to terminate your account without notice in case of the following situations – 

  • We believe doing so will become a liability for us.
  • We are prevented by law from providing notice.
  1. Resolving Disputes

Users must try to resolve any dispute that might arise informally by mailing the concern to us. In case of both parties fail to come to a resolution, a formal proceeding can be initiated. However, a written Notice of Dispute must be sent to the other party before such initiation.

Arbitrate Agreement: Both parties must try to resolve any disputes related to the Terms of Use or our products through a binding arbitration initiated by a single arbitrator. 

Class Actions: Dispute resolution must be conducted between the user and Essayswriter.ai. Under no circumstance must you open class actions or bring in other arbitrations.

We reserve the right to change/modify these terms at our discretion. You will be notified of these changes. Agreeing to the modified Terms of Use and continued use of our tools denote that you have read through the modifications and agree to the changes.