Your Privacy is Our Priority

In case of Services that require payment, you may require to provide us with your credit card details or other payment details related to account information. Please note, this will solely be used for the purpose of processing payments. We use third-party payment processors and modes of payment in order to help us in processing your payment information in a successfully secure manner.

Take note, payment processors abide by the latest security standards as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council. This is a joint effort of brands such as Discover, American Express, Visa and more. All forms of sensitive and private data exchanges happen over an SSL secured communication platform that is protected and encrypted with digital signatures. The Services also comply with concrete vulnerability standards in order to create an absolutely secured environment for us and our esteemed users.

We will only share payment data with the “Payment Processors” in order to fulfill the purpose of processing your payments, initiating refunds, and dealing with complaints and queries related to payment and refund related issues.

Please be informed that the Payment Processors may collect some Personal Information from you. These may include Email address, bank account number, credit/debit card details, address which allows them to process your payments and abide by all the necessary steps in the payment process through their systems. These include data collection and processing.

Automatic Collection of Information

When you visit our website, our servers automatically start recording information sent by your browser. This data may comprise important information such as your device’s location, IP address, device name, browser name and version, OS type and version, language preferences and the likes. Automatically collected data is used only in order to identify potential cases of violation of rules establish statistical data and roadmap regarding the services’ traffic and usage.

Collection Of Personal Information

You can use our Services without letting us know who you are or revealing any information that identifies you as a specific individual. If, in case, you choose to use some of the features, you may be asked to provide us with certain Personal Information. These may include your name, email address and physical address.

However, you may also choose to refrain from providing us with Personal Information. Then, you may be unable to take advantage or leverage the fullest potential of some of the features.

Privacy Of Children

We acknowledge the need to come up with further privacy protection with respect to Personal Information. Thus, we may collect data from children under the age of 13 by taking several advanced precautionary measures. We may need the child to disclose some Personal Information in order to gain access to our Services. However, we do not need children to disclose more information than what actually is required in order to use the services. Please note, personal information will not be disclosed or used otherwise in such cases.

All information created and data submitted by a child is automatically set to “private”. It means only the user who created and submitted the data will be able to view it.

We request legal guardians and parents to keep track of their children’s Internet activities and encourage them not to share personal details without prior consent and discussion.

We expect legal guardians and parents to be involved in internet usage and online activities of their children. We also suggest that parents put the best efforts in order to provide their children with a secured digital environment down the line.

Application And Processing of Collected Information

Please note that we only act as a data controller and processor when it comes to handling Personal Information, unless we have entered into a data processing agreement with you. In that case, you would be the data controller and we would be the processor.

However, our role may differ depending on specific situations that involve Personal Information. When we ask you to submit your Personal Information, we act as a responsible data processor.

We will only ask for that personal information that are actually necessary for an individual to access and use our services.

In specific instances, we are the data controllers as we determine and decide the purposes and means of the processing certain Personal Information by complying with data controllers’ guidelines and obligations as elaborated on the GDPR.

Please note, we do not control, own, or take decisions about personal information, and such personal data is processed only in compliance with your instructions. In such cases, the user who provides “Personal Information” is considered as the data controller according to the GDPR.

To make the services easily available to you, or to meet other legal obligations, we may need to collect and use certain Personal Information. If you do not provide the information that we ask for, we may not be able to help you with the products or services you would request.

Payment Processing

In case of “Services” that require payment, you may need to provide your credit card details or other payment account information. These will solely be used for processing payments. We use third-party payment processors in order to help us process your payment information in an absolutely secured manner.

Payment Processors, on the other hand, adhere to the latest security standards, managed and regulated by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Please take note that “Sensitive and Private data exchange” occurs over an SSL secured communication platform. Also, it is encrypted and secured with digital signatures. We will share payment data with the Payment Processors only in order to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing your payments, refunding such payments, and dealing with complaints and queries related to such payments and refunds.

Please note that the payment platforms and processors may ask for some “Personal Information” from you, which allows them to process all payments smoothly. The information they would ask may include essentials such as credit/debit card details, address, email address, bank account details and the likes.

This will simply streamline all the steps that need to be followed in the payment process. Where applicable and absolutely necessary for processing future or recurring payments, your financial information will be kept and protected in encrypted form, only on secure servers of our Payment Processors.

The Payment Processors’ utilization of your Personal Data is managed and monitored by their respective privacy policies. Well, these may or may not comprise privacy protections as secured as this particular Policy. We suggest you review and confirm their privacy policies prior to proceeding with further steps.

Disclosure Of Information

Please note that we may share or disclose your information, only with our trusted subsidiaries and joint venture partners we rely upon in order to help in a smooth operation of Services available to you. Please be informed and rest assured that we will never share any data or form of information with unaffiliated third-party individuals.

Service Providers do not have the authority to disclose, share or use any of your information apart from the fact that it is absolutely as necessary in order to streamline and offer services on the company’s behalf or abide by the legal requirements.

Service Providers are provided with only the information they need in order to perform their individual functions. We do not authorize or allow them to disclose, share or use any of the provided information for their personal marketing purposes or other uses. Take note, we share information only with the following service providers.